board of trustees


board of trustees



David Rago has been a specialist in American and European 20th-Century decorative arts and furnishings for over 40 years. He is the founder of the Rago Arts and Auction Center, one of the country's principal specialty auction houses.  David lectures in his specialty at major conferences across the United States and holds 15 auctions at the Rago Arts and Auction Center throughout the season. He has also been an appraiser for the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW since 1996.



Suzanne Perrault

Suzanne Perrault has been involved in 20th-Century decorative arts & furniture since 1986. She has been principal partner and auction cataloguer for Rago Arts since 1991 and an appraiser for the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW since 1996.



John sollo

John Sollo is an authority in the world of 20th-Century Style Arts, one who has both defined and created the market for Modern decorative arts and furnishings. In person and in print, on television and radio, as lecturer and author, he has brought thousands of collectors to appreciate the appeal of the Modern aesthetic. John has also been a furniture appraiser for the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW since 2004.



Robert Aibel 

Robert Aibel is Owner and Director of Moderne Gallery in Philadelphia which he founded in 1984. Robert received his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.  He is a specialist in the works of the American Studio Furniture Movement and the leading expert in the work of Wharton Esherick and George Nakashima.



Paul Eisenhauer 

Paul Eisenhauer retired in 2015 as the Executive Director and Curator of The Wharton Esherick Museum in Paoli, Pennsylvania. As an expert on Esherick's life and work, he became the Program Director in 2005, the museum’s Curator in 2008 and the Executive Director in 2010.