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April 17 Dine and Learn Luncheon ~ Rebel London: Radical Minds

Dr. Louise Kane

Dr. Louise Kane

In conjunction with the Modernism Museum’s David Bowie exhibition, Dr. Louise Kane explores the radical figures whose rebellious art movements, literary works, and friendship circles enabled the development of London as a hotbed for cultural, musical, and artistic experiments that enabled people like Bowie to make their own new art forms in the 1960s and onwards. Beginning in the early 1910s, the lecture talks the audience through movements like Wyndham Lewis’s Vorticism movement, the Futurist movement that came into London via Italy and Paris, and the exciting new music scenes that began to unfold as jazz filtered into London from Harlem, New York.

Price of $35 includes 3-course prix fixe menu at 1921 Mount Dora. Reserve by calling the Modernism Museum at 352-385-0034.

(Photo: National Archives UK)