Mount Dora Modernism Museum Presents "esherick to NAKASHIMA"

Mount Dora Citizen, October 2, 2015    City Scene, Front Page, Volume 1, Number 13

If you are excited about the beauty and ingenuity of American art, design and craftsmanship – or would like to learn more about it – spend some time lingering over the Modernism Museum Mount Dora’s latest exhibit. Their newest offering, “esherick to NAKASHIMA” is subtitled, “the theme continues…the DNA of Modernism.”

That subtitle is an essential key to understanding the museum’s showcase of the evolution of modernism studio art furniture. It’s a rare opportunity to see the progression of an art form in one location, in one formidable display, from the largest collection of its kind in the world. 

These are furnishings that incorporate and celebrate the beauty of nature. The exhibit offers an insight into an aesthetic that was created, that came into existence, through the talented design of the very artists who are featured.

And it is beautiful – as much in the totality of the exhibit as in the design elements of the individual works. Because they are crafted from and bound by the characteristics of wood, each piece is different, each has a glow, a patina, a curvature of line, and of grain...


Dan Saal